At Toucan Diversity, we currently offer disability awareness training on various impairments, including visual impairment, autism and mental health. These disability awareness training sessions are interactive and are facilitated by accredited trainers who have direct and personal experience of the impairment they focus on.

These awareness training sessions look at how the impairment affects someone and explores ways in which people can be supported effectively in their daily lives. However, as our participants will see, our training sessions stress that disability is a complex issue that is different for each individual, for reasons that go beyond how the medical condition itself affects them.  The fact that there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to disability is due to numerous societal factors; these are again different for each person, because they depend on aspects such as how and where the person has been brought up and what support is, or has been, available to them.

Therefore, we at Toucan Diversity believe that it is important to start each training with a session on disability equality, because it shows participants the issues (such as social exclusion and discrimination) that add to a person’s daily experience of their disability. This underlines the social model’s argument, that disability is a social/human rights issue and not exclusively a medical one.

We currently offer:

Autism Awareness Training:
Emily Dewey
Tom Silver
Luke Syddall
Visual Impairment Awareness Training
Mental Health Awareness Training