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Toucan Diversity is an award winning social enterprise set up as a limited company with no shareholders. As a not-for-profit and user-led organisation, we welcome grants and donations to further our aims of creating more inclusive communities. We rely on a variety of different, funding streams and the Spinnaker Tower here in Portsmouth, provides a wonderful annual opportunity for Toucan Diversity to increase their unrestricted funds to support our aims and objectives.

Portsmouth 2018 Abseiling Event Sunday 17th June

On the 17th of June we raised funds by abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. Through this fundraising event we were able to raise £1200. Thank you to our brilliant abseilers! 

Abseilers at the top of the Spinnaker tower2018 abseiling team getting ready for their decent at the spinnaker tower 2018 abseiling team preparing for their abseil at the spinnaker tower

Portsmouth Rotary Dragon Boat Festival Sunday 13 May 2018

On Sunday 13th May we took part in the Portsmouth Rotary Dragon Boat Race. Our brilliant team of 16 took part to raise funds to support our organisation. 


Our fantastic team at the Portsmouth Rotary Dragon Boat Race!

It was a lovely day, with fun had by all! Thank you to our fantastic crew, without which the day wouldn’t have been possible. 

The event enabled us to raise £715


A picture of actress Sally Phillips before her abseil in 2017
A picture of actress Sally Phillips before her abseil in 2017

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