Eva Wilson BA

Eva was born in Ghent in Belgium – that’s in the Dutch speaking side of Belgium. She went through her school career having the impression that she had to work a lot harder than her peers. And despite having gone through seeing several therapists to help her out occasionally, she wasn’t diagnosed with anxiety until she came to England.

Eva has always experienced stress and failure anxiety. This reached a peak while studying far from home in an environment she wasn’t used to; in England at Portsmouth University. She had a lot of support from the university and from friends. During this period, she was diagnosed with vertigo migraine and generalised anxiety. Now, a few years on, after help from therapists and self-help, she has created a new ‘normal’ for herself.

Eva has a BA in social cultural work. This degree focusses on community development and coaching and training. She also has a masters diploma in European Studies from the University of Portsmouth.  Eva has volunteered for Solent Mind and the Fareham Wellbeing Centre. She  currently works as a play worker.

Eva is  very passionate about creating a greater awareness around disabilities. For her, it is doubly useful. It helps people understand disabilities, but it is also helpful for people with disabilities to know that they are not alone.

Training objectives:

  • Know how mental health gets defined
  • Have a better understanding of what mental health means for different people
  • Be able to better help and support those around you with mental health issues
  • Be aware of strategies you can implement to improve your own mental health
  • Increase empathy and understanding towards people in general

Training methods:

  • Power point presentations
  • Case studies
  • Questionnaires
  • Discussions

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: maximum 25

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