Pat Leggett

During my working life I have worked in accounts and administration. Almost half of my working life was in management. My strengths are attention to detail and the determination to see things through to completion. I have good organisational skills and I am good with people. Because of this I feel I can offer support to an organisation.

I worked full time all my working life. When I retired I missed working and therefore I looked for an organisation where I could be of some help. I was introduced to Me too & Co (set up by Anne-Marie) and became first a volunteer and then joined the board of trustees. Whilst volunteering at Me too & Co I worked as the administrator for the Richmond Parents and Carers Action Group. My main duty was to produce minutes of their monthly meetings. Being involved with the group was a complete eye-opener for me. I am in awe of what parents have to go through to get the help and support they need.

When Anne-Marie and Madissa decided to set up the social enterprise Toucan Diversity Training Ltd. and asked me if I would like to be involved, I was delighted. I believe the training they offer is essential if we want a society that treats everyone as equals. I am very willing to support them in any way I can. To be involved at the beginning of their new venture is very exciting.

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