How you will benefit from this training

Disability equality training is vital for all those who work with disabled people, in whatever capacity. 
20% of the UK population is disabled. You will have disabled employees, colleagues, customers, volunteers, pupils and service users. 

Our disabled trainers will help you understand how to make sure these people are included and treated equally.

  • Gain a clearer understanding of the issues faced by disabled people in their daily lives. 
  • Learn the correct language to ensure disabled colleagues, students or customers are included more efficiently. 
  • Learn the correct etiquette to ensure disabled colleagues, students or customers are included more efficiently. 


Training structure / content

Because the aim of the training is to look at disability from a human rights angle, we discuss issues like:

  • discrimination
  • isolation
  • how to remove barriers

We encourage participants to think about how they, personally, can help tackle these issues. 
Our training sessions are interactive. Participants are encouraged to engage in debate about issues.

Training objectives

  • Understand where attitudes come from and how they have changed over time
  • Highlight the importance and value of the social model
  • Gain a brief overview of the Equality Act 2010 and learn what is expected of service providers in the UK
  • Be aware of respectful language and etiquette
  • Create a more inclusive environment for staff, clients, volunteers, be actively removing barriers.  

 Training methods

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Group activities
  • Quizzes
  • Video work
  • Discussions


Duration: 3 hours or 1 hour (Bespoke version)

Group Size: 25 maximum

Toucan Diversity Training is a proudly user-led organisation that specialises in raising awareness for issues surrounding disability. Our Disability Confident Leader accreditation means you can be sure you will be receiving the best training for your company.

All participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

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