Ruben Carol

Ruben studied business management at University after achieving his A levels and whilst he was at University he also attended 2 years of acting classes to help him with presentations he knew he would be giving as a business owner.

After running a successful business for 11 years, Ruben was involved in a motorcycle accident where he was struck by a hit and run driver and knocked under the wheels of a gravel lorry and was dragged 30 feet and run over. He spent 5 weeks in a coma and 6 months in a hospital before coming home and continuing to run his business from a hospital bed almost unable to mobilize for another two years (in and out of hospital, trying to safe his leg).

In 2007 Ruben met his wife online, he sold everything he owned and moved to the UK to be with her. Trying to find a new meaningful career, Ruben decided to fall back on his acting training and became a casualty simulation actor and facilitator for the British Military. Ruben then took on roles in film and television and even became a radio presenter. Doing investigative work in the media led Ruben to explore what the obstacles are for people with disabilities. He continued to learn about disability equality and the meaning of disability legislation and how it can help people with disabilities day to day.

He then went on to train London Overground front line staff members in disability equality rights as well as customer services through role play, followed by more extensive training for London underground staff (4000 staff members). Ruben established himself as disability equality trainer. He currently trains Uber and Transport for London, outlining the intricacies of disability related legislation within the Equalities Act 2010, this training is delivered not only to front line staff, but also to senior managers, so everybody is involved in making travelling for people with disabilities more accessible.

Ruben continues to work in film and television but his passion lies in public speaking and delivering disability equality training across the U.K.

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