David Shervill

David lives in Portsmouth. He is the Founder of Global Music Visions C.I.C. He is registered as partially sighted, as he has ocular albinism, nystagmus and has no 3D vision; so steps, kerbs, etc. are everyday obstacles for him.

David went to mainstream school and was able to achieve his GCSEs, before attending mainstream college and achieving a BTEC Extended National Diploma in Music Technology.

Following on from this, David studied at the Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford, completing a work-based training program in Music Technology and Sound Engineering. Here, he learnt how to use assistive technology to help him undertake tasks. He knew that if other blind, visually impaired and disabled people could access this too, then a whole new world of music technology would be available to them. The idea of Global Music Visions C.I.C. was born.

David is keen to help breakdown barriers surrounding disabilities, by talking to people about what it is like to have a visual impairment, and how, with a little more understanding, they can have a positive effect on someone’s life. This includes looking at other ways of creating equal opportunities for them.

Toucan Diversity gave David  the opportunity to become an accredited trainer  and  has now completed a Level 3 in Education and Training.


Training objectives:

* To emphasize the statistics surrounding visual impairment.

* To discuss own visual impairments, and how they affect everyday life.

* To identify various traits linked to visual impairments.

* To demonstrate effective ways of accommodating and supporting people with visual impairments.

Overall outcomes:

* Participants will have a better understanding of specific visual impairments.

* Participants will acquire skills to enable them to support people with a visual impairment.

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