Jude Caunter

My name Is Jude. I have been on the ‘mobility impaired’ scale at various stages since 1987, when I was first affected by a cavernoma bleed. However, this was initially diagnosed as ‘Transverse Myelitis’ and not diagnosed as a cavernoma until 2008. It was removed in 2009 and now I use a wheelchair.

I am a fitness instructor at the John Pounds Centre in Portsmouth. I became a fitness instructor through Aspires ‘Instructability’ programme, which is all about encouraging more disabled people to not only become more active, but even become fitness instructors themselves. Through my work as a fitness instructor, I aim to promote my belief that disabled people should be enabled to do the things they can do, rather than unnecessarily disadvantaged because of the things they can’t do. Toucan Diversity get this message out to people! I live with my partner, Jeanie and our 2 dogs.

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