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We run disability equality and a range of disability awareness training events in Portsmouth, Southampton, and London. The awareness training sessions we currently offer are: Autism awareness, visual impairment and mental health. Most of our training features a session on disability equality, followed by an awareness session. This is so that the participants can understand that disability isn’t just a medical issue, but also a societal/human rights one.
Awareness training focuses on how a particular condition affects someone in their daily life. Practical advice is therefore given, to help those working/interacting with someone with that condition. Disability Equality, on the other hand, looks at how society affects a person’s experience of their impairment. This could include issues such as discrimination, hate crime and access.

We offer open training sessions regularly, so that a range of people can attend at a reasonable price. Furthermore, training venues are wheelchair accessible. Participants are also advised to inform us of any other additional needs they may have (eg. different written formats etc), so that we can make the appropriate arrangements in time.

Future Technology Centre, University of Portsmouth, PO1 3HE

NEW Supporting Inclusive Employment

21/02/2019                            Book 
11/04/2019                            Book

Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, PO1 3TZ

Disability Equality Training with Madissa Asgari MA, BA (Hons)

28/02/2019                             Book

20/06/2019                             Book

Disability Equality & Invisible Disabilities Awareness Training

21/03/2019                              Book

Disability Equality & Visual Impairment Awareness Training

25/04/2019                              Book

Disability Equality & Autism Awareness Training
23/05/2019                              Book

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