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We believe that disability equality training should be carried out by people who have first-hand experience of the day-to-day difficulties encountered as a disadvantaged member of our society. Most people see disabled people as widely separate from themselves. However, anyone can find their life change in a moment and become disabled. In fact, only 17% of disabled people are born with a disability. Attitudes play a big part in societies general lack of confidence towards disability. Our courses, including disability equality, will provide your staff with the confidence and awareness to work with and assist customers with disabilities effectively and give you an understanding of your duties under the Equality Act 2010. We offer bespoke training and will be able to deliver at your own venue. For fees and further information please contact us directly.

We run disability equality and a range of disability awareness training events in Portsmouth, Southampton and London. The awareness training sessions we currently offer are: Autism awareness, visual impairment and mental health. Each training features a session on disability equality, followed by an awareness session. This is so that the participants understand that disability isn’t just a medical issue, but also a societal/human rights one.
Awareness training focuses on how a particular condition affects someone in their daily life. Practical advice is therefore given, to help those working/interacting with someone with that condition. Disability Equality on the other hand, looks at how society  affects a person’s experience of their disability

Toucan Diversity is proud to announce that we have achieved Disability Confident Leader status.  The team worked hard through the validation process and got official confirmation on Thursday 18 October 2018